Dr. Nadav Sorek serves as the Vice President Subsurface & Operations at Navitas Petroleum. Dr. Sorek brings to Navitas his experience and knowledge he gained in the fields of technology and petroleum engineering.

Prior to joining Navitas, Dr. Sorek provided Chief Engineering services to four partner-companies of the giant gas field offshore Israel, Tamar. Prior to that, Dr. Sorek served in Houston as a Project Manager in the consulting and technology company QRI, where he worked closely with national oil companies to increase production, reserves and capital efficiency while lowering the environmental footprint in assets around the globe. In addition, Nadav contributed to the development of the company’s proprietary technology. Dr. Sorek holds BSc in Environmental Engineering and ME in Energy Engineering from The Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, and a Petroleum Engineering PhD from Texas A&M University. Dr. Sorek is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE).

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