Dr. Nadav Sorek

Dr. Nadav Sorek serves as the Vice President Subsurface & Operations at Navitas Petroleum. Dr. Sorek brings to Navitas his experience and knowledge he gained in the fields of technology and petroleum engineering. Prior to joining Navitas, Dr. Sorek provided Chief Engineering services to four partner-companies of the giant gas field offshore Israel, Tamar. Prior […]

David Bernheim

David serves as Chief Commercial and M&A Officer at Navitas Petroleum. David brings to Navitas his vast experience and knowledge he has gained in the fields of infrastructure and energy, both in Israel and outside Israel. Prior to joining Navits, David served in management positions at Shikun & Binui Group, including Deputy CEO of Shikun […]

Tamar Rosenberg

Tamar Rosenberg serves as Navitas Petroleum’s CFO. Prior to joining Navitas, Tamar served in various positions between 2006 and 2021 at Delek Group, her last position as of Director of finance & head of corporate Accounting of the Group. Prior to that, Tamar served in various positions at the accounting firm Ernst and Young, Israel. […]

Meital Hillel Abramov

Meital Hillel Abramov serves as the Partnership’s General Counsel and Vice President. In her previous role, Meital served as Legal Counsel to the Eurocom Group. As part of this position, Meital has provided ongoing legal advice and services to the Group’s public and private companies. Meital began her professional career as a lawyer in the […]

Jonathan Sternberg

Prior to his current position Jonathan served as VP Project Management and was responsible for the ongoing management and integration of Navitas worldwide portfolio, focusing on its U.S. projects. In addition, Jonathan served in various roles and had a substantial part in the formation of Navitas’ current assets portfolio. Prior, Jonathan worked in one of […]

Amit Kornhauser

Amit Serves as Navitas Petroleum’s CEO. Prior to this position, Amit served as Navitas Petroleum’s CFO between 2016 to 2021. In addition, Amit served as Navitas’ Director between 2013 to 2015. Prior to joining Navitas, Amit held several executive positions in Israeli public companies, including: CFO at Delek Energy, Controller at Delek Group Ltd, and […]

Koby Katz

Koby serves as vice chairman of Navitas Petroleum and is one of its founding partners. As former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure, Energy & Water, Co-CEO of Delek Energy, Chairman of Delek Drilling and other high level executive positions in public & private entities- Koby holds extensive experience of more than 25 […]

Gideon Tadmor

With over 20 years of extensive experience initiating and managing Exploration and Production projects worldwide, Gideon serves as the Chairman of Navitas Petroleum. Gideon is one of the founders and major drivers behind the success of the Eastern Mediterranean Oil and Gas industry. In his former position as Chairman of Delek Drilling and CEO of […]