Pls. Contact a registered broker. Navitas participation units are traded on TASE exchange.


This information is available in the following link:

Navitas trades on TASE under the ticker symbol: NVPT.L

12 Abba Eban Blv.

Herzliya, Israel


If you have not received your revenue statement, please email and provide your owner number and what month(s) that you are requesting. Please also enroll and/or update your contact information by completing the “eStatement & ACH Registration Form.”

eStatement & ACH Registration Form


Your owner number can be found on your Revenue Statement. The number has 6 digits and starts with a letter.


Yes.  Please update and/or enroll in eStatement and direct deposit by completing and following the instructions on the “eStatement & ACH Registration Form.”  

eStatement & ACH Registration Form

Please complete and follow the instructions on the “Change of Address Form.”

Change of Address Form

Navitas will need copies of the following documents as recorded in the county where the affected property/well is located:
As applicable to evidence change of ownership:
  ·  Death Certificate
·  Last Will and Testament and order admitting will to probate
·  Final Decree of Distribution, determination of heirship, certificate of transfer
·  Recorded Deed to beneficiaries
·  Affidavit of Heirship – please see attached “Affidavit of Heirship Form.”
·  Recorded Conveyance of the property
Mandatory from each new owner:
·  W-9 Form
·  eStatement & ACH Registration Form

Tax forms (1099) are issued annually based on federal requirements. These forms are sent on or about January 31st of each year.