We Generate Value

Since our inception in 2015, we have focused on acquiring proven oil and gas assets at various stages of development. Our portfolio was built through research into key basins, assessment of undervalued assets and subsequent acquisitions in creative transactions to generate significant shareholder value. Our Management Team has a proven track record of success which has enabled us to access the global and Israeli capital markets on attractive terms.

Gideon Tadmor, Navitas Petroleum’s Executive Chairman, is recognized worldwide as one of the key founders of the Eastern Mediterranean energy sector. Prior to founding Navitas Petroleum, as the Chairman and CEO of Delek Group’s upstream companies, Mr. Tadmor led the discoveries and development of offshore deepwater world-class assets such as the Tamar (11 TCF) and Leviathan (22 TCF) natural gas fields. Mr. Tadmor and the entire Navitas Petroleum Management Team have vast experience in the oil and gas sector and a strong record of raising equity and debt in both the Israeli and the international capital markets.

Amit Kornhauser has served as Navitas Petroleum’s CEO since January 2022. Formerly, Amit served as Navitas Petroleum’s CFO for five years and, prior to that, served as CFO of Delek Energy, which established and led the Israeli offshore natural gas discoveries

Transparency and Trust

At Navitas Petroleum, we adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in all our endeavors and operations.

oWhen we began in 2015, our vision of establishing a creative and innovative corporation in the energy sector was underpinned by a commitment to transparency, integrity and trust. Those commitments also drive our sense of responsibility towards our environmental, social and corporate governance responsibilities.

Navitas Petroleum exceeds corporate governance regulatory guidelines while conducting inherent risk management and adhering to ethical principles.

We act out of an understanding that the upholding of ethics, openness and respect for diversity alongside environmental responsibility enables community and environmental strength.

Navitas Petroleum is committed to publishing an annual ESG report for our investors which reflects the activities undertaken to comply with its strict code of ethics.

Unlocking Value Creation Opportunities

Navitas Petroleum's strategy focuses on investing in projects on the verge of final investment decision (FID) while reducing time and risk to first oil, and Unlocking significant development upside by acquiring assets with proven reserves and material past investments that were invested by previous partners. In addition, Navitas Petroleum demonstrated capabilities of raising financing for projects in challenging environments and markets.