A Responsibility to the Planet

While striving to be a leading, creative, and innovative corporation in the energy industry, we have a responsibility and social obligation to society as a whole. It is this tenet that we operate daily in adherence to our Environment, Social, and Governance responsibilities.

We recognize the imperative for the world to transition from fossil fuels to an enhanced sustainable blend of renewable energy sources and we are committed to playing a significant role in this transition. As we move through the energy transition, we also recognize the critical importance of supporting existing secure, reliable energy sources.

In this vein, we make investments aligned with a reduced carbon footprint. As an example, we have a significant focus on developing major projects in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, a region that produces some of the lowest carbon footprint barrels on earth. Working with our partners and service providers, we implement technologies and operational practices to reduce our carbon footprint even further as we provide critical energy resources.

GHG Reduction

We act to achieve GHG reduction in our production and exploration sites through improved efficiency and hybrid power solutions.

We continually implement measures to reduce fugitive methane (NG) emissions through engineering designs and processes, equipment maintenance and surveillance.

Furthermore, we are committed to the health and safety of our employees, service partners and the communities in which we operate. This commitment is demonstrated through safety and environmental programs that aim to build a proactive safety culture, design and fabrication of industry standard production systems, utilization of the latest technology and collaborative efforts to identify and manage potential risks.

As part of our commitment to meet the world’s energy needs, we will continue to explore and evaluate energy transition opportunities.

ESG Report 2022
July 2023
Environmental, Social and Governance